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UiE Newsletter! – Issue #9 – 27/10/08

Issue #9 – 27/10/08
Welcome to the latest installment of the UiE Alliance Newsletter, this month brought to you by Logaan.

Focus Night Updates:

Nights to remember:

Focus night has been progressing very well. Each week we are seeing an increasing interest from people all over the alliance. It was only just last week when we saw our first full human team; I cannot remember the last time I had ever seen such a spectacle.

A joint guild effort was made to complete several Charr battle plan quests. It was often a hard fought battle, we had no MM, but we prevailed.

Change of day:

From next week we will be changing the day on which Focus Night occurs. From the poll we have been running in the forum for the last month has revealed that Friday is the better night to begin the event.

Website Changes:

Unless you haven’t seen it already, we have revamped the portal. The most noticeable difference is the change in the sidebars. There are plenty of statistics to titillate you, a better menu structure, login from the front page and as usual a list of people currently logged onto teamspeak.

Also available is the donation block so that you can make donations towards helping maintain the website and the teamspeak server.

If you don’t use the teamspeak server then you should, its there for all guild members to use.

A more subtle change was made to the News forum, we have introduced two new sub-forums to better categorise newsletters and event news. Now you can always find news about the latest events.

Alliance Changes:

We would like everyone to welcome the new guild HBM! Their leader comes from a similar area as UiE’s leader (I’d like to think land of the crazy), but either way wish them a heart-warming welcome!

Unfortunately due to the 10 guild limit in the alliance we have had to say goodbye to MoA and AOM; these guilds where chosen due to inactivity.

We also regret to announce that FOR will very likely be leaving us soon too, although the leadership and some officers/members have already joined RAW. So if any further members are reading this and wish to remain in the alliance, you can contact Jax or any other member of the alliance and we’ll sort something out.

Halloween 2008 – Guild Wars Event:

Information on the GW Website

Guild Wars wrote: It’s Halloween in Tyria, and Mad King Thorn is back to spread his own malevolent brand of lunatic fun. The maniacal monarch has come to play, and he’s got a cornucopia of mini-games, jokes, and riddles to delight and dismay his fellow revellers.

The event will begin on October 24th with the major cities being decorated appropriately and new drops then on October 31st the Mad King Thorn makes appearances every three hours throughout the day in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan.

Don’t miss it!

Congratulations to Mike and Anette on a new baby girl!

I can’t remember any other information apart from she was born healthy, and Mike “It’s old Nordic for fair, good-looking God(ess) alt. Warrior. Funny thing is the male version of the name is Goren :) but that can also mean Farmer”, regarding the meaning of the name.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Logaan has finally got another level 20! That makes 4 after only 3 years of Guild Wars :P
  • Stew has FINALLY completed Togo’s quest…
  • Rare sighting! Pete (Rose Dragoness) was seen on Guild Wars!

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #8 – 29/09/08

Issue #8 – 30/09/08

UiE Alliance – 1 year old:
On the 18th of September 2007, Universe In Exile [UiE] started forming this alliance with Reapers At War [RAW].

With similar gaming styles and aims, we got along fairly well, and since then, we’ve seen the alliance grow to 10 guilds (the maximum number allowed). Varying from 1 man guilds to over 40 members in some.

There where the odd losses, either through complete inactivity or just incompatible gaming styles. But we’re still around and having fun!

Although it would be nice if we could organise an alliance photoshoot in a couple of weeks, perhaps at a weekend if people can make it! I’ll let people know on the alliance chat, although anyone who is interested, I would really like a reply here.

UiE Wiki – a reminder:
We have a UiE Wiki on this website, that people are free to use and add as they will. It is not an official wiki of sorts, although we’d prefer if it could be kept as clean as possible, and relate to the alliance and members rather than anything else.

Bram has also recently improved the main page, which looks nice in IE, but Mozilla Firefox users get to see something else a little experimental!
Universe In Exile Wiki!

Focus Weeks – started:
This idea is where everyone tries to focus on a group task to do a pre-chosen activity over a week hopefully benefiting as many people as possible. We have already had a pilot focus day, and we have to say, it was a great and fun success! It seems that the set day for this is Wednesday at 7pm GMT/BST, and everyone is welcome to take part.

But there are some guidelines, we aren’t doing super-difficult areas. The primary aim of this is to just have some fun mid-week, with no heroes I might add. Players or Henchies all the way. There is nothing to stop you from forming a second group should the first become full. Normal dungeons (not Slaver’s) are accepted options!

See this thread in the alliance forum for details.

Be there or be square! Eh?

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #7 – 28/08/08

Issue #7 – 28/08/08

Exiled Alliance Turns One Year Old!
On the 18th of September the UiE alliance will have been formed for nearly a year. In that time we’ve met some interesting people, and seen a lot of inyourendo!

In celebration of this there will be an alliance photoshoot in Guild Wars! We’d like as many people as possible to join in, keep an eye out on this portal as the date will be announced within the next few weeks!

New photo gallery – for uie members:
There is a new forum for UiE Members to post media relating to UiE. Which also includes a new [timg] tag that all members of the forum can use whenever they post external images.

Attachements aren’t really allowed anymore after discovery of a bandwidth with clanplanets. But imageshack and photobucket are still great options! In addition to that, don’t forget xfire can take and upload screenshots, see this thread for details!

Code: Select all


Click image to enlarge

Dredged up a rather old photo on xfire… but remember, no matter how sexeh you may be, we don’t want any photos of naked UiE members… keep it (relatively) clean :D

Slaver’s Exile – not far off completion:
A few members of UiE and Blade from RAW took to Slaver’s Exile and in one day managed to complete 3 out of the 4 dungeons necessary to complete the whole thing. Unfortunately a run in with Duncan the Black proved a little bit of a miss, but it will be done pretty soon.

Anet Weekend – lockpicks and points:
This weekends event from Anet is triple (x3) lockpicks and double unlucky points. So I say some nice Hard Mode and GW:EN’ing is in order!

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #6 – 29/07/08

Issue #6 – 29/07/08

Updated Games List:
UiE started going into other games a good few months ago now, and the list of games we play together in has started to expand quite rapidly. So I would like to bring your attention to the games list, which can be found here (on the wiki).

There is a top 10 in there (as according to xfire if ordered by time played). But there is an expanded list with games that don’t appear on our xfire page.

For further information you may also see this thread (for UiE members) particularly in regards to server locations, hosts and up-time (the latter usually by spontaneous request). If you aren’t a UiE member and wish to see that list, please request a copy from me on this forum and I can send you a private message :wink:

Fissure Of Woe – UiE Outting:
UiE completed another Fissure Of Woe outting, this may also mark the new ventures into Hard Mode for this particular elite area. We have quite a good understanding of the patrol patterns down there, but for future FoW ventures keep an eye on the portal or Guild Status message!

In the mean time, piccie!


  • Born Of Adversity (Stew)
  • Element Of Rose (Pete)
  • Spiritmaster Orion (Bjorn)
  • Marcus Varitas (Seb)
  • Josie Klem (Matt)
  • Bill Beau (Bill) for part of the journey

The Deep – A More Recent Voyage
Even though we failed this dungeon, Log still had a few action screenshots for us. Let the lack of a Mesmer with enchantment strips (or Necro) be a lesson!



  • Born Of Ritual (Stew)
  • Emergency Procedure (Mike)
  • Marcus Varitas (Seb)
  • Cora Klem (Matt)
  • Shao Xeks (Alex)
  • +7 Accompanying Heroes!

Future Events – Something to look for!
There are a few events UiE want to do over the next month, this could change though!

  • Underworld (Normal Mode, complete clear)
  • Fissure of Woe (Hard Mode, complete clear)
  • The Deep (Normal Mode)

In addition to that, the usual PvE things. Most of these events will take place on weekend where Anet have hosted a rather dull event (at least for the majority of UiE members). Hence why these could be changeable.

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #5 – 27/06/08

Issue #5 – 27/06/08

Urgoz Warren – This Weekend:
This weekend will see another attempt to completely finish off Urgoz Warren, me and some others will be happy to do it on both Saturday and Sunday if the need be such. Although there will be two members who have already done most of it at least three times now. It has been agreed that wiki will be followed in some cases, except for a bridge area where large amounts of wardens spawn. That section will be fought through.

I would include a pickup, but it only seems to work in firefox on a good day. Instead, see this topic – and make a reply to get a space!

Special Feature – FOR Inside:
If memory serves correctly, FOR was the second or third guild to join the exiles alliance! Jax has also made a video featuring a fair few members characters, which can be found here (see the 4th issue for further details).

jacquit3 wrote:FOR – Fellowship of Rangers- was formed towards the end of 2006 by myself and another Whispering Spirit Guardians member, Deviant. A number of us were really into playing ranger characters so we decided to make a guild specifically for people with at least one ranger, prime or secondary.
We are quite a small guild of about 20 members with most preferring PVE and some PVP. Very few of FOR’s original members are still with us but we do have a small steadfast core of people from all corners of the world.

I first met Trin in Nightfall, when a couple of us were really struggling to get through a mission, and she practically ran us through single-handedly. After chatting to Trin and Blade for a while I asked the others if they would like to change alliegience from Kurzick to Luxon and join the UiE alliance as ours had become a bit stagnant, with very little going on as a whole alliance. Until we joined UiE, very few of us would even turn alliance chat on!

Im afraid thats it as far as history of FOR goes…sorry if its boring :P

Special Feature – UiE’s Persistence and Ponderings:
UiE has seen a strange success, from the fragmentation of a guild to the forming of a new community. We’ve had our ups and downs like any community and/or person would. But we’ve managed to hold out quite well. This got Logaan thinking why have we in particular not broken and fallen, and in turn got myself wondering why.

The question put forward was: What makes a good guild? and I honestly am still not positive, probably the core of it is communication and action, although that is just the basics. Anyway, for more insights into Logaan’s and my own adventurings in online communities, and the theories we gained from it, do have a read of that thread!

Misc Announcements – Birthdays and Welcomes:
I’d like to welcome the following members to UiE: Kalleb Of Surmia and Macko The Ranger, long may you remain here and have fun! :D
I’d also like to wish Pete a slightly late happy birthday, he turned 21 again quite recently!

Recently Heard News – Guild Wars 2 Q&A:
Logaan spotted the recent news on the official Guild Wars website that a new Q&A page has been updated, with some nice little answers to some questions people have been dying for answers for.

Read it here!

Shame there won’t be a beta this year (2008), but then again, seeing a partly finished product is not my idea of fun. Although if it is nearer release, then I’m going to be happy to play it and try out the game I would soon be playing.

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #4 – 28/05/08

Issue #4 – 28/05/08

UiE Turns Two!:
UiE has recently turned 2 years old, started on 14th of May 2006 we’ve done well to last two years. The guild has grown into several gaming communities other than Guild Wars, such as Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, Sins of a Solar Empire, and also the newly released Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures which has a UiE Guild on the PvE server Dagon.

Special Feature- [AFF] Inside:
It seems this guild’s history has some similarities with UiE’s history, as usual though, I will hand you over to Darryl to tell you about this guild:

sidewynda wrote:Arise From Flames [AFF] was established last year by myself and two friends of mine. We had been gaming together for about a year – mostly on unreal tournament game of the year (1999 version)- when the 3 of us saw T.V. adverts for GW NF at christmas ’06. We all saw it as a new challenge and worth a look at as we felt at the time that UT had lost some of its pulling power. to staret with i played gw a lot more than the other two as i was instanly hooked :o and i got myself established in a guild call Brotherhood Of Knights [BoK], along with quite a few of the current [AFF] officers and members. My 2 friends followed me in and we were happy at having found a place that was friendly helpful and active.

Then in early july last year the inactivity of everyone except our small band of friends was highlighted and became somewhat of a sore point to us, as we were doin all the recruiting and runnng of the guild. So after heavy debate and deliberation, we decided to go out on our own and give it a go at making our own guild. Thus [AFF] was born.

After an unsuccessful period of runnnig our own alliance, and stints in various alliances which tried to force faction farming (which we do not like to do, unless its double points weekend), Danny, an officer in [AFF], told me about someone he knew who might be able to get us into an alliance with no FF required. After a brief but positie talk with the lovely jax of [FOR] i was contacted by stew and i somehow managed to swindle my guild into truly the best alliance i could have wished for :mrgreen:

In [AFF] we take the same stance as most guilds in the alliance… pve mainly, and we always incourage members to be helpful, pleasant, and generous to other ally members. We Have recently started a recruitment drive and are expanding slowly and getting a lot more activity from members. we still stick mainly to pve but are branching away from storylines, with vanquishing, mapping and elite area teams regularly leaving our gh. as always we stick to simple rules: be helpful, be respectful, and enjoy everything u do. things are looking up.

We intend to start gvg battles and hopefully will boost our position, which i assume is 0 points cos we aint done squat on gvg front.

AFF also have a forum: [see here]

Guild Wars Dance Video:
Jax has recently made a Guild Wars dance video featuring “Tiger Feet by MUD” which can be found here on youtube.


  • Jax (FOR)
  • Stew (UiE)
  • Pete (UiE)
  • Chris (UiE)
  • Logaan (UiE)
  • Chris (MoA)
  • Matt (UiE)
  • John (FOR)
  • Ed (BaBs)
  • Bill (UiE)
  • Darryl (AFF)
  • Pac (UiE)

New Games:
UiE has gained a couple of new games being played by guildies as of late, including:

  • Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures*
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas (not 2)

* = requires a subscription.

Next month…
[FOR] are covered in the special feature.

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #3 – 25/04/08

Issue #3 – 23/04/08Special Feature – [RAW] Inside:
This guild was one of the first to join the Universe In Exile Alliance, and undoubtedly has some of the stranger residents! Anyway, I will hand it over to Trinity to give you some details about RAW:

Trin wrote:Our Guild name is RAW – R`eaper At War. And I cannot give you the story of RAW without first telling you about R`eaper, as RAW wouldn’t exist as it is without R`eaper.

R`eaper was born January 1, 2000 and started out as a 3-person clan for the game Half Life: Team Fortress Classic. It expanded it’s membership to others in the local area (Canton, Ohio). and we had weekly LAN parties with lots of good times. As we rose in the ranks and ladders of TFC and became recognized as a force to be reckoned with, membership grew with it, as did it’s location status. We gained members from across America and Canada. As TFC became a dead game, Blade and myself moved over to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. With that move came many changes. Leadership and membership among the greatest of those. Blade took over leadership by default and we gained many many more members, most of which were from across the pond in the UK. While we were using R`eaper’s name in Mohaa, other members were using the name in other games….battlefield, cod, wow, other Half Life games….and yet we were all connected by one thing….our name, our allegience to R`eaper. R`eaper has a way of becoming a part of you. It’s quite hard to explain, but I knew, even then, that R`eaper was much more than just a ‘clan’ or a ‘guild’.

When Mohaa began to die, Blade decided it was time to change other things in R`eaper. We knew all along it was more than just a ‘clan’ and the fact that so many members were taking the name with them to other games and still playing together proved that very fact. A full-blown change was made that was unheard of at the time. We were no longer a clan, we were now a Gaming Community. Hundreds of members from all over the world: America, Canada, England, Scotland, Egypt, Japan, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel…it seemed there was no boundary for us. We conquered the location boundary, the language boundary, the game boundary, the ‘life of a clan’ boundary….we were on a roll, and we were going with it!

About a year and a half ago, a new-ish member at the time, Legion, was telling Blade about Guild Wars. He started up the guild Reaper At War within GW. (At the time, R`eaper’s Gaming Community consisted of alignned clans from different games who all came together on ts and played with each other. One of those other clans was called At War and they mostly played CounterStrike. So Legion took the 2 names and combined them for the GW guild tag). Soon thereafter, Blade started playing GW and Legion passed the GW guild’s leadership over to Blade. Of course, when I saw what GW was like, I too started playing. Our daughter has her own pc and also plays GW. It’s a family thing! ;)

In November of last year, Blade met Stew and they got to talking about alliances. Both guilds had had bad GW Alliance experiences but sensed something different with each other. We were very similar. Between Stew and Blade neither one cared who led the new-found alliance as both trusted the other would run it the same way they would do it. Blade told Stew to lead it and here we are! (and all I can say is THANK YOU STEW!!!! I think you have done a fantastic job with this alliance!!)

A couple months ago, R`eaper celebrated it’s 8th Birthday which is almost unheard of with ‘clans’ and ‘guilds’. We have touched almost every game worth playing and taken leadership in ladders and leagues for those games.

As for RAW’s primary focus within GW, we are definately dominated by PvE gamers. RAW’s position?!! ummm don’t know really, but definately NOT missionary! :twisted:

I shall also shamelessly pimp their website address: [RAW]’s pimped website

The Deep – Completed 18th April 2008:
UiE was a little shocked that Friday, 11 of us showed up and completed The Deep, with only a few troubles. But it was a relief when at 1:30am the following morning Kanaxai was drowned in the Jade Sea!


Ave, BillG, Emergency Call, Heros, Pac, RavenIII, Rose Dragoness, Spiritmaster Orion, TSM, Miss Anette, Whitemantle Ranger. (Plus trusty Tahlkora).

Hell’s Precipice (nm) – 24/04/08:
Its not something I’d normally mention, but this mission was done awfully fast… and it was in the aim of finding out what the new Deldrimor weapons look like (endgame Prophecies), which ArenaNet added only yesterday! The 3rd anniversay party event also started, though the new Prophecies endgame will be a permanent feature after the party ends.

Other Goings On:
Its been a bit of an up-and-down week for gaming, Freelancer has been put on the backburner (although don’t forget the stats page). Some have returned to Guild Wars, while others are preparing for exams/coursework deadlines.

Its also sad news to announce that [ Life ] left the alliance, and without much warning. Although I hear some Life members are returning to the alliance.

Next Month…
We cover Arise From Flames [AFF] story by sidewynda and much more!

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #2 – 25/03/08

Issue #2 – 25/03/08
Welcome to the second issue of UiE’s newsletter! Over the next few issues I intend to do a few features on our allies.

Special Feature – [Tue] Inside:
This issue also marks the start of our “Inside” issues. Which basically will give us some insights into the alliance guilds, like how they got started and so on. The first issue starts – quite fittingly with the day might I add – with one of the newer alliance members “The Tuesday Noob Club [Tue]” – lead by Mittandra (or Su). Anyway, over to Su :wink:

Su wrote:The guild started after I decided to leave BaH, a guild I had helped found and been leader of on several occasions, due to inactivity in the guild and lack of interest from its principal leader and funder. Thus my new guild has its foundation in a regular group of players that used to level up together through several campaigns by playing once a week (guess which day) for about a year now. You can read about our adventures in this excellent blog site published by one of our members: [link].

As each play session was followed by a blog entry there are enough articles detailing our adventures to fill up a weekend of leisurely reading. All good stuff though, as my friend is an excellent writer. I recommend this blog for anyone interested in the world of gaming and MMOs in particular. Plenty of useful tips and builds in there as well.

Right now the guild is made up of me and Van Hemlock’s player. We hope to attract more bloggers from the blogging community, but it will be a tad hard as the PvE aspect of Guild wars has been covered pretty extensively so far allready.

Thus We will focus our weekly sessions mainly on PvP and hope to be able to play alot with the rest of the alliance. Right now we’re complete noobs when it comes to PvP, which is good, since my blogging friends will get fresh material while learning the ropes.

As for most other days of the week I expect to go on PvE:ing; getting titles for my main character Seraphia Su (R) and playing around making new survivor characters (an expensive hobby I have).

As for highlights of our adventures I refer you to the blog. Plenty of good stuff there.

Past goings on:
Black Moa Chick Hatching:
Stew finally got all the materials and items needed to get his little Moa Chick, and on the 10th of March 2008 we went into Sorrow’s Furnace and finally got the little cutie hatched!
It looks like this little Moa has already heard or sensed its owners dislike for Moas :D

FoW Spontaneous Outting:
Anette, Matt, Mike and Pete had a little outting on Thursday 6th March into Fissure of Woe – not the first time UiE has been down this particular area, but certainly one of the more interesting times. With nearly 19 Shards between all 4 of us, completing the mission in 4 hours 25 minutes and for me gaining 18.8k worth of items was certainly interesting.

We of course didn’t go down there alone, we had our companions: Tahlkora (aka monster magnet), Magrid (aka miss-lure-alot), Hayda (I can tank) and Sousuke (watch me die) to help us out.

Outside of Guild Wars:
Although some of us haven’t had a chance to play Sins lately, this isn’t because of “outside” influence. Its more to do with finding our Freelancing wings again. That is a game made in 2002 by Microsoft Games Studios and for lack of better words, its still a brilliant game. If anyone is interested in playing this contact TSM (he is the [small] dedicated server admin).

Future goings on:
There are a few of us with these next couple of weeks off, I have no idea what I’ll be doing personally, probably more Freelancer and maybe some Guild Wars :wink:

If anyone has any suggestions, please forward them to RavenIII or post a comment with details!

Notable Achievements:

  • Me and Mike have managed to both gain our Legendary Survivor Titles, I on my Monk and Mike’s on his Dervish (once he got it, he promptly died I’m told!). One great burden off both our backs.
  • Pete has managed to run the Beacon’s Perch -> Droknar’s Forge run successfully.

See you all next issue, don’t forget, any suggestions welcome.

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #1 – 26/02/08

UiE Newsletter!
Issue #1 – 26/02/08
Welcome to the first issue of UiE’s newsletter, its not decided how often this will occur though, so any suggestions will be most welcome :wink:

The idea of this will be to provide some info of what has been going on, and what is planned to go on in the upcoming weeks or months! If you want something to be included in the next issue, whether it be an outing that you have done or plan to do please let me know.

Past goings on:
Admittedly UiE Guild Wars hasn’t been overall too busy lately, although I hear that Pete has managed to get 20 titles, as has Mike – congratulations both of you :clap: Matt (Me), Stew and Logaan have been playing Sins of a Solare Empire (Sins of SoaSE for short) – with matches ranging from 2 to 20 hours to clear and conquer a universe its hardly surprising its become a time sink. Although that is another game I will be using every now and again to play something other than Guild Wars, I (of the three) at least plan to be back soon and playing more Guild Wars.

When I’ve been online, Vanquishes seem to be the main thing, with the odd spurt of Fissure of Woe or [more rarely] Underworld. Alliance Battles have also been the main centre of focus last weekend for those of us online being one of Anet’s special weekends, UiE managed to gain well in excess of 300,000 Luxon faction no doubt Pac was to blame for this :wink:

I also took some part in the Year of the Rat celebration a couple of weeks ago now, where most of us a cute little Celestial Rat, and much to most peoples dismay you could get a Celestial Pig in return for was it 3 or 5 Miniature Pigs. But aside from this something strange happened in the Guild Hall puzzling a few of us during this weekend… take a look:


Spoiler: show

Future goings on:
Me and Stew will continue the vanquishing, and anyone is welcome to join for this :) And after new discoveries that I may have lost or temporarily misplaced my mini moa bird chick, there is a chance of a dive in Sorrow’s Furnace in order to hatch another! This will likely take place next weekend :wink:
Mini-Moa Hatching: [pickup=”Moa_Hatch_Feb08″]

There are a few of us working on a map for Sins of a Solar Empire based upon the X Universe map (not linked directly with our last ally), we’ve got some form of permission to use it although chances are it’ll only get released into the Egosoft community… keep an eye on this portal for more information in the future :wink:

Bye bye for now:
The next issue will be available… when its done :P I’ll try and keep it going! And remember, contact me if you want anything put in it!

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