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Where are we all in Gaming these days?

Matt, Pete, Log and myself have been playing Firefall and Elite Dangerous mostly also with a bit of Farming Simulator 15 (Not Pete he only farms credits :P)   Warframe is also still being played but not quite as often.   Guild Wars 2 is also still being played by quite a few.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all

Guild Lottery being run by Taff

LOTTERY see here for further details on how to get involved.

EGC Minecraft Server Update

The Vanilla Minecraft server has been decomissioned due to non use. If anyone would like to play on it again please let me know and it can be put back online. The Feed The Beast server suffered a fatal error thanks to a known bug in one of the mods it was running, so at…

EGC Minecraft Server and FTB updated

The Minecraft server has been updated to v1.4.7 and the Feed The Beast server has been rolled up to v1.4.2. Details here

Happy New Year


Seasons Greetings

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL I hope Santa brings you all you deserve

“Feed The Beast” Minecraft Server

At the request of HobbesDan a “Feed The Beast” Minecraft server has been started in parallel to the existing EGC MC server. Please read full details here

EGC Minecraft Server Updated to v1.4.4

I updated the Minecraft server over the past couple of days after some poking from Hobbes.

EGC Minecraft Server Updated to v1.4.2

The EGC Minecraft server has been updated to v1.4.2. Enjoy