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Posts with Category: Newsletters

Exilers Summer Newsletter – Iss. #16 – 21/08/10

Interesting fact for the newsletter, I have labelled it Summer though infact Autumn has officially started… its just not as fast as it will be come September. Its been a quiet past month or two for gaming related news, then we found Global Agenda and decided to try it -at least 9 of us have […]


Posted by Tower on 21st August 2010 in Newsletters

Exilers Winter Season Newsletter – Iss. #15 – 1/1/10

Issue #15 – 1/1/10 Happy New Year! Its 2010 folks! Hope you aren’t suffering too much from overdoing the drink Lets make 2010 a good year for gaming, its the start of a new decade – we’ve got some forum developments still underway, and some new ones planned. I covered some of the Autumn game […]


Posted by Tower on 1st January 2010 in Newsletters

Exilers Autumn Season Newsletter – Iss. #14 – 23/10/09

Issue #14 – 23/10/09 Windows 7: Windows 7 is recently released – with support for DX11 and improved performance over Vista (plus very few of the launch problems of Vista) this is one worth having. Both the 64bit and 32bit version is packaged in the same box now (so no ordering separate upgrade discs as […]

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #13 – 31/03/09 (Updated)

Issue #13 – 31/03/09 Welcome to another issue of the Exilers Newsletter. News from around the exiled universe, right to your… eyes. Men Down! 12 members have been booted from the UiE Guild (Guild Wars) due to inactivity of 2 months. For anyone who plans to play less Guild Wars and spread their wings a […]


Posted by Tower on 31st March 2009 in Newsletters

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #12 – 22/02/09

Issue #12 – 22/02/09 Welcome to a new issue jam-packed with updates following the Christmas game-release rush, and the recent media rush for a number of new games! Site Update: The forum has had a bit of a cleanup, more may still be on the way; if anyone has any wishes or comments on the […]

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #11 – 17/01/09

Issue #11 – 17/01/09 Welcome to another issue of the Exilers newsletter! We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year! New Games: Exilers’ around the globe have got a fair number of games in their stockings, among the lucky few games there is the benign Sacred 2, the unholy Left 4 Dead, and […]


Posted by Tower on 17th January 2009 in Newsletters

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #10 – 19/12/08

Issue #10 – 19/12/08 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy your holidays and new years day, you may even see some rare faces appear on Guild Wars for the events! New Faces: The UiE alliance would like to welcome Snake Dance [SD] and Lord Of Forgiveness [LoF] into its fold. […]


Posted by Tower on 19th December 2008 in Newsletters

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #9 – 27/10/08

Issue #9 – 27/10/08 Welcome to the latest installment of the UiE Alliance Newsletter, this month brought to you by Logaan. Focus Night Updates: Nights to remember: Focus night has been progressing very well. Each week we are seeing an increasing interest from people all over the alliance. It was only just last week when […]


Posted by Tower on 27th October 2008 in Newsletters

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #8 – 29/09/08

Issue #8 – 30/09/08 UiE Alliance – 1 year old: On the 18th of September 2007, Universe In Exile [UiE] started forming this alliance with Reapers At War [RAW]. With similar gaming styles and aims, we got along fairly well, and since then, we’ve seen the alliance grow to 10 guilds (the maximum number allowed). […]


Posted by Tower on 29th September 2008 in Newsletters

UiE Newsletter! – Issue #7 – 28/08/08

Issue #7 – 28/08/08 Exiled Alliance Turns One Year Old! On the 18th of September the UiE alliance will have been formed for nearly a year. In that time we’ve met some interesting people, and seen a lot of inyourendo! In celebration of this there will be an alliance photoshoot in Guild Wars! We’d like […]


Posted by Tower on 28th August 2008 in Newsletters

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