Interesting fact for the newsletter, I have labelled it Summer though infact Autumn has officially started… its just not as fast as it will be come September. Its been a quiet past month or two for gaming related news, then we found Global Agenda and decided to try it -at least 9 of us have it now. Now Gamescom 2010 is in full swing, lets see what it has offered us…

But first…
Global Agenda, we’ve struggled to say what this game is, it pulls a lot from so many games. The art-style reminds me of Mass Effect (I guess standard sci-fi), yet the PvP of little I have played reminds me of a third person TF2; and then perhaps its only me, but fighting some of the robots and things gives me a System Shock 2 feel.

We have a topic about our initial experiences, and now we have a forum.

Gamescom 2010
Guild Wars 2
This is currently on, I haven’t yet managed to catch a video of the Guild Wars 2 live demo yet – its proven to be shy when I am about. You can find some coverage over on the ANet Blog, keep an eye on GWGuru and INCGamers too. We also have regular postings in our GW2 forum.

There are a bunch of walkthrough videos on GT which run you through the race, class, specialty section of character creation and levels 1 through 10. Though character customisation is excluded (for now its just randomised). Necromancer is the 4th playable class, for those potentially interested ;)

Logaan covered this and it now has a teaser trailer. Its humor looks to mirror that of Dungeon Keeper, which people who played have fond memories of (I played 2).

F1 2010
I have been watching this though I am still unsure of whether I want it or not, it certainly looks nice – though I half expect GRID2 to be announced right after release :roll: New trailer anyway, it certainly looks nice and more complete with this years cars:

Torchlight II
I’ve played the demo of Torchlight I, though others have the full version – as the video states there is one thing it really lacks that would (for me) improve it tenfold… multiplayer! Co-op in this case. Seems they are remedying that little problem in this version…


I can’t bring you all the most fresh news, your best bet for keeping up with Gamescom is Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Gametrailers and perhaps Kotaku.