Issue #14 – 23/10/09

Windows 7:
Windows 7 is recently released – with support for DX11 and improved performance over Vista (plus very few of the launch problems of Vista) this is one worth having. Both the 64bit and 32bit version is packaged in the same box now (so no ordering separate upgrade discs as before) – furthermore those buying it from the EU, you now have no need to worry about your web-browser – the proposed ballot box system has been completely cancelled.

Talk about Windows 7 and your likes/dislikes over in the tech forum.

Autumn Game Releases:
If you are looking for some recommended games to get over this autumn then look no further:

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 –
This is probably a highly anticipated sequel to Infinity Ward’s CoD: Modern Warfare, its expected to be a big hit for this Christmas – although be warned PC gamers, they took away our beloved Dedicated Servers. Discuss it in the games forum (no sub-forum).

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising –
We’ve got it, and with the exception of its flawed multiplayer system and slightly buggy release, we love it. There is now a OFPDR Forum with some links, discussion and custom missions by us Exilers.

Left 4 Dead 2 –
A number of us have this on preorder through the buy 4 for £80 (approx £20.25 for each), while there is some minor concerns its undoubtedly more zombie killing than we’ll be able to handle this year. Don’t forget we have a L4D Series forum.

Aion: Tower Of Eternity –
Probably the hottest MMO out there right now, subscription based and winging it for glory. Join our discussion over at the Aion Forum.

Borderlands –
Co-op is all the rage, and this one has that, its an FPSRPG (First Person Role Playing Shooter). Once again it has a very similar offer to L4D and is made by Gearbox. Discuss it in the games forum (no sub-forum).

Forum Stuff:
As you should now know, our host changed, and then changed back [announcement] – apologies for that. In addition to that you can now use as your link to the site, as well as: and of course

New Gaming Forums include:

Logaan’s site will have a redirect from the domains he set up – but we urge you to update your bookmarks. Furthermore any links you find that may be broken or ineffective please contact Logaan, TSM or RavenIII.