Issue #13 – 31/03/09
Welcome to another issue of the Exilers Newsletter. News from around the exiled universe, right to your… eyes.

Men Down!
12 members have been booted from the UiE Guild (Guild Wars) due to inactivity of 2 months. For anyone who plans to play less Guild Wars and spread their wings a little in the gaming traverse – don’t forget UiE has a Steam Community (primarily Left 4 Dead) and a small presence in Sacred 2. Some members have received open re-invites – if you wish to gain a re-invite, please contact one of the officers, and in view of this we have a Poll to debate guilds future.

UPDATE – AFF to UiE Merge:
Recent events have seen some members of AFF join UiE. AFF has been disbanded or stripped down – and removed from the alliance. We want to remind alliance members of the rules, guild-hopping is strongly advised against; with rare exceptions such as this – and the go-ahead for any merge/hop must be agreed upon by all sides and alliance members.

Runes Of Magic:
[Runes Of Magic website]
Pete and Mike are both playing this free to play MMO, which appears to be quite popular currently. For more information contact one or the other and I’m sure something can be sorted out ingame. This game is an RPG and does offer a variety of mixable classes, it also seems to be one of the higher quality free-to-play MMOs – please post any reviews/discussions in the Gaming General forum!

Game News:
Worries that these next few months could be dry of news have been proven wrong, I feel hydrated already. Just to bring you a quick summary:

Don’t forget:
A large number of us are playing Left 4 Dead every evening/night and we have a Steam Community; so come and join the zombie huntfest!