Issue #12 – 22/02/09

Welcome to a new issue jam-packed with updates following the Christmas game-release rush, and the recent media rush for a number of new games!

Site Update:
The forum has had a bit of a cleanup, more may still be on the way; if anyone has any wishes or comments on the development of our site, please shout up! What do you love? what are you not fussed on? or do you hate it? :wink:

New Game Media:
Considering most developers and publishers have been quiet over the past few months, there has been a rather large storm of new media over the last couple of weeks. Just some of the games to keep an eye on are:

  • Mass Effect 2
    It may only be a teaser trailer, but it has been the source of much speculation.
  • Operation Flashpoint 2
    Including a number of new videos (some of which seen before), and ingame footage (WIP).
  • Tom Clancy’s HAWX
    Keep a hold of your seat, the XBox 360 demo is out; the PC and PS3 demos are out later this month/week.

Guild Wars 2 Updates:
While there hasn’t been any solid new information, screenshots or videos… there has been a number of posts by Regina (the new Community manager), stating:

  • It is not vapour ware:
    A number of GWGuru members started rumours of GW2 being vapour ware, apparently Regina has played it – it isn’t vapour ware, and ANet are not ready to show it off just yet.
  • If that wasn’t enough:
    A recent NCSoft financial statement has collectively shook the communities’ boots when it stated that GW2 was set for a 2010/2011 release thanks to finances. Apparently this isn’t the case, its just a potential window of release to satisfy investors.

UiE Status:
With the potential release date of Guild Wars 2 being a while off, and games always have a limited amount of play time for the masses; Guild Wars is no longer a primary game for Universe In Exile.

This does not mean we won’t be playing it, it means the focus has shifted slightly away from Guild Wars, even if it is only temporary until the release of Guild Wars 2. This forum will remain and we hope you will too – don’t forget to check out the Games Forum for other gaming titles we are now playing.