Issue #11 – 17/01/09

Welcome to another issue of the Exilers newsletter! We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!

New Games:
Exilers’ around the globe have got a fair number of games in their stockings, among the lucky few games there is the benign Sacred 2, the unholy Left 4 Dead, and the sinner which is Grand Theft Auto 4.

More Community Sites:
It seems we are popping up all over the place (ooer); we are now appearing on the Steam community site, our page is located here. A thread will appear soon in the alliance forum about gaining access!

Left 4 Dead / Steam Community:
RavenIII can now host a server for Left 4 Dead on a temporary – when needed basis. This server will be linked to and exclusive for our steam group; the group is invite only, a list of administrators can be found in the member forum.

RAW also has a L4D server, although it is currently in the public domain.

Guild Wars Developer Updates::
This week the Guild Wars Live team have released a news update detailing some of the changes to come in Guild Wars; as if making a number of titles account-based wasn’t enough!

The details can be found here.


  • Monthly Maintenance –
    Regular updates including Zaishen Chest Potions, smaller skill updates and no more skill usage information.
  • Content Updates –
    These will be done eveyr 4 months, and development will be more open. Live team also expanded for this.
  • Further Developments –
    Increase in account-based storage, improved character storage and account based changes to the HoM.