Issue #10 – 19/12/08

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We hope you enjoy your holidays and new years day, you may even see some rare faces appear on Guild Wars for the events!

New Faces:
The UiE alliance would like to welcome Snake Dance [SD] and Lord Of Forgiveness [LoF] into its fold. There are blankets over there near the fireplace, unfortunately Oink has beaten us all to the hot chocolate powder so its coffee and tea for now!

Guild Wars has launched its wintersday event starting today (around the time of this posting), so we hope to see plenty of you online, more information about the event can be found [here].

Build Manager (Alpha):
Logaan has been working on a Guild Wars Build Manager, which is still in Alpha, but do check it out and help us bug test it and request some [sensible] features! More information [here: alliance members only]

UiE Community Sites Sort Out:
UiE has had a little rejig of our various public sites, updates include:

That just about sums up the updates for now, in terms of community sites.

Heirarchy Jiggle:
Recent events and conclusions have seen UiE have another rejig of the officers system. A few officers have been deemed too inactive in Guild Wars to remain officers within Guild Wars.

But the difference here is they are still active, both on the forum and through xfire. Hence they are also active in terms of gaming within UiE. This is reflected in their forum group, they are now “Universe In Exile [UiE] Clan Officers”.

Demotions and Promotions:
Due to the Heirarchy Jiggle there has been some demotions and promotions, firstly Rose Dragoness have been demoted; this I must reiterate is a voluntary choice, Emergency Call was demoted to a clan officer, but has been promoted back in Guild Wars to an officer. Pac has been demoted, his real life has taken over.

Promotions include Marcus Varitas and Petrus Rockstone, these two new officers are filling in PvP Officer roles.

Message from the Editor:
I’d like to apologise for the lack of an issue last month, I’ve been particularly busy and have not heard much from the Guild Wars front.