Issue #9 – 27/10/08
Welcome to the latest installment of the UiE Alliance Newsletter, this month brought to you by Logaan.

Focus Night Updates:

Nights to remember:

Focus night has been progressing very well. Each week we are seeing an increasing interest from people all over the alliance. It was only just last week when we saw our first full human team; I cannot remember the last time I had ever seen such a spectacle.

A joint guild effort was made to complete several Charr battle plan quests. It was often a hard fought battle, we had no MM, but we prevailed.

Change of day:

From next week we will be changing the day on which Focus Night occurs. From the poll we have been running in the forum for the last month has revealed that Friday is the better night to begin the event.

Website Changes:

Unless you haven’t seen it already, we have revamped the portal. The most noticeable difference is the change in the sidebars. There are plenty of statistics to titillate you, a better menu structure, login from the front page and as usual a list of people currently logged onto teamspeak.

Also available is the donation block so that you can make donations towards helping maintain the website and the teamspeak server.

If you don’t use the teamspeak server then you should, its there for all guild members to use.

A more subtle change was made to the News forum, we have introduced two new sub-forums to better categorise newsletters and event news. Now you can always find news about the latest events.

Alliance Changes:

We would like everyone to welcome the new guild HBM! Their leader comes from a similar area as UiE’s leader (I’d like to think land of the crazy), but either way wish them a heart-warming welcome!

Unfortunately due to the 10 guild limit in the alliance we have had to say goodbye to MoA and AOM; these guilds where chosen due to inactivity.

We also regret to announce that FOR will very likely be leaving us soon too, although the leadership and some officers/members have already joined RAW. So if any further members are reading this and wish to remain in the alliance, you can contact Jax or any other member of the alliance and we’ll sort something out.

Halloween 2008 – Guild Wars Event:

Information on the GW Website

Guild Wars wrote: It’s Halloween in Tyria, and Mad King Thorn is back to spread his own malevolent brand of lunatic fun. The maniacal monarch has come to play, and he’s got a cornucopia of mini-games, jokes, and riddles to delight and dismay his fellow revellers.

The event will begin on October 24th with the major cities being decorated appropriately and new drops then on October 31st the Mad King Thorn makes appearances every three hours throughout the day in Lion’s Arch and Kamadan.

Don’t miss it!

Congratulations to Mike and Anette on a new baby girl!

I can’t remember any other information apart from she was born healthy, and Mike “It’s old Nordic for fair, good-looking God(ess) alt. Warrior. Funny thing is the male version of the name is Goren :) but that can also mean Farmer”, regarding the meaning of the name.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Logaan has finally got another level 20! That makes 4 after only 3 years of Guild Wars :P
  • Stew has FINALLY completed Togo’s quest…
  • Rare sighting! Pete (Rose Dragoness) was seen on Guild Wars!