Issue #8 – 30/09/08

UiE Alliance – 1 year old:
On the 18th of September 2007, Universe In Exile [UiE] started forming this alliance with Reapers At War [RAW].

With similar gaming styles and aims, we got along fairly well, and since then, we’ve seen the alliance grow to 10 guilds (the maximum number allowed). Varying from 1 man guilds to over 40 members in some.

There where the odd losses, either through complete inactivity or just incompatible gaming styles. But we’re still around and having fun!

Although it would be nice if we could organise an alliance photoshoot in a couple of weeks, perhaps at a weekend if people can make it! I’ll let people know on the alliance chat, although anyone who is interested, I would really like a reply here.

UiE Wiki – a reminder:
We have a UiE Wiki on this website, that people are free to use and add as they will. It is not an official wiki of sorts, although we’d prefer if it could be kept as clean as possible, and relate to the alliance and members rather than anything else.

Bram has also recently improved the main page, which looks nice in IE, but Mozilla Firefox users get to see something else a little experimental!
Universe In Exile Wiki!

Focus Weeks – started:
This idea is where everyone tries to focus on a group task to do a pre-chosen activity over a week hopefully benefiting as many people as possible. We have already had a pilot focus day, and we have to say, it was a great and fun success! It seems that the set day for this is Wednesday at 7pm GMT/BST, and everyone is welcome to take part.

But there are some guidelines, we aren’t doing super-difficult areas. The primary aim of this is to just have some fun mid-week, with no heroes I might add. Players or Henchies all the way. There is nothing to stop you from forming a second group should the first become full. Normal dungeons (not Slaver’s) are accepted options!

See this thread in the alliance forum for details.

Be there or be square! Eh?