Issue #7 – 28/08/08

Exiled Alliance Turns One Year Old!
On the 18th of September the UiE alliance will have been formed for nearly a year. In that time we’ve met some interesting people, and seen a lot of inyourendo!

In celebration of this there will be an alliance photoshoot in Guild Wars! We’d like as many people as possible to join in, keep an eye out on this portal as the date will be announced within the next few weeks!

New photo gallery – for uie members:
There is a new forum for UiE Members to post media relating to UiE. Which also includes a new [timg] tag that all members of the forum can use whenever they post external images.

Attachements aren’t really allowed anymore after discovery of a bandwidth with clanplanets. But imageshack and photobucket are still great options! In addition to that, don’t forget xfire can take and upload screenshots, see this thread for details!

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Dredged up a rather old photo on xfire… but remember, no matter how sexeh you may be, we don’t want any photos of naked UiE members… keep it (relatively) clean :D

Slaver’s Exile – not far off completion:
A few members of UiE and Blade from RAW took to Slaver’s Exile and in one day managed to complete 3 out of the 4 dungeons necessary to complete the whole thing. Unfortunately a run in with Duncan the Black proved a little bit of a miss, but it will be done pretty soon.

Anet Weekend – lockpicks and points:
This weekends event from Anet is triple (x3) lockpicks and double unlucky points. So I say some nice Hard Mode and GW:EN’ing is in order!